VidBitCalc is the all-in-one app for video encoding calculations.


Whether you run a video production studio or you’re a YouTuber, you will use VidBitCalc every day.

Screenshot VidBitCalc Screenshot VidBitCalc

VidBitCalc contains:


- the Bit Budget Calculator: enter the available disc space, the video duration and the audio bit rate to calculate the appropriate video bit rate


- the File Size Calculator: enter the duration and bit rates of your video to calculate the resulting file size


- the Resolution Calculator: enter the aspect ratio of your video and the desired width or height to calculate the proper resolution


- the Traffic Calculator: enter the duration, bit rates and viewers of your stream to calculate the needed bandwidth and resulting traffic


- the unique BPP Calculator: uses bits per pixel to help you find the optimal bit rate for your video.*


* For web video encoded with modern codecs like h.264 a bits per pixel value of around 0.1 should result in reasonable quality. For DVD-Video or Blu-ray, a bits per pixel value above 0.4 is common.



VidBitCalc is available on the Apple App Store.

Screenshot VidBitCalc Screenshot VidBitCalc